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Perhaps you wish to become a Golfe Bleu shareholder and therefore to know more about this opportunity ?

We thank you for your choice and hopefully we will give you the privilege to own your holiday or your "à la carte" second home in the wonderful spot of Golfe Bleu, in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, as many other hundred of owners already do.

What are you purchasing ?

You are buying ; social shares on an unlimited time basis and becoming  member of a "Société Civile Immobilière" (SCI) i.e: "Civil Estate Company". Therefore you are owning a partial portion of the land heritage of the residence.

What are the peculiarities of the SCI GOLFE BLEU ?

It is an Estate allocation Firm on a Timeshare basis, ruled by French Law, on a 99 years lasting period, to be renovated. The Company has the duty to run the shares inheritance on behalf of shareholders.
The 86-18 1986 6th January and 2009-888 2009 22nd July French Laws both run the action of SCI to encircle and protect the shareholders interests.

What are your rights ?

Your benefit is the occupation of one apartment for a determinate period throughout ; such period is determinate in the SCI official rules and you will also benefit of the real property services (maintenance, etc..)
As a second possibility, you may lend or rent your share property on your own ; you may either be part of a RCI Timeshare worldwide system of which the GOLFE BLEU is a partner.
As another choice, you may also afford the partial or total rental of your apartment to the management. This solution entitles you to a reimbursement of a rental revenue, based on a proportional rental pool system.

What are  your  obligations ?

To settle the balance of your annual fees which are calculated according to the approved annual budget. The full residence budget is voted and therefore approved on a yearly basis by the General Shareholders Meeting Board in order to guarantee the maintenance and the correct operating of the residence.
Each owner (shareholder) has the right to vote for the whole important decisions during the General Annual Meeting Board, or, if he is not able to attend the Meeting, he may vote through a mandate which will be handed by a representative or, finally, by correspondence.

How can you buy ?

Directly to an owner or with the assistance of LAMY-Transactions Company, which proposes a wide range of apartments on resale and will assist you in the realization of your timeshare purchase at GOLFE BLEU.

You are attracted by one offer ? What are the formalities to follow to become shareholder at GOLFE BLEU ?

In cooperation with the GOLFE BLEU reception staff, your support marketing Company NEXITY-LAMY will take care of the constitution and check your purchasing file.
This file is therefore transmitted to a lawyer, Mr SERRADJ or Mr GAMBINI (lawyers at Nice Court). His mission is to draft the properties transfers between thirds and make these transfer s regularly registered with national Administration Boards (Tax Authorities and  National Trading Board). Both of them will guarantee and warrant your timeshare property.

What is the cost of such a purchase ?

The proposed sale price is inclusive of LAMY commission.
Extra legal transfer's fees will be at the charge of the buyer. Such fees include drafting legal documents and legal registration fees.

After several years of ownership at GOLFE BLEU, perhaps you wish to resell your timeshare ?

As well as you have purchased your timeshare, you may resell it to a new owner or you may transmit your property to your heirs.
In case of resale, LAMY will be able to help and assist you in this matter and describe all the highlights of the residence to new owners.
The 22nd JULY 2009-888 French Law does protect all the heirs who would possibly refuse their timeshare SCI inheritance.

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- Various questions - The GOLFE BLEU and Timeshare ?

Timeshare has been under poor image world throughout probably because of some foreign unfaithful companies which have applied bad practices all over France and in other countries, in which the legal protection doesn't carry the same guarantees as French Law does.

We actually hope that Golfe Bleu management, part of a main French Real Estate Group will make you confident for your future purchase.

What are the guarantees for your investment ?

Ideally situated between Monte-Carlo and Menton, close by Italian border, in the middle of a green and sunny nature, the quality of the GOLFE BLEU structure represents a security for the value of real estate property and does justify the selling price.

Assuming that the whole Residence would be resold on a majority shareholders decision, each shareholder would in any case receive the proportional value of the resale according to the total shares of his own ;this rule does guarantee the value of your investment.

By way of indication, the SCI real estate property is estimated at more that 15 milions Euros on a 4800 Euros basis for each inhabitable M2 area.

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The first Real Estate integrated French group will be pleased to put his skills in your service

 NEXITY offers the best skills to advice and inform the future shareholders in order to be acquainted with all the resort rules.

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The list below includes some selected timeshare properties on sale, all over the different seasons. Do not hesitate to ask fore more information to get other proposals, according to your needs and your preferences :

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